UCM: Medical Specialists, 5

If you feel uncomfortable or have pain when you bite, it can be a cavity or plaque buildup.
Visit a dentist for regular cleanings.
Dr. Clara Helena Duque
You will have expert dentists to take care of your health.

Advertising Agency: Anthropologic.net, Bogota, Colombia
Creative Director / Art Director: Nicolas Velandia
Copywriter: Angelica Sanchez
Illustrator: Nicolas Velandia

June 2012


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Not designed to be a print ad but a poster you find inside the dentist's clinic

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my 2 cents: We all have our bread and butter work to do, I just think AOTW should be the place you show great stuff.

Nothing wrong with this campaign

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I like, but certainly do not love this campaign.

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reminded me of this simply awsm campaign...

bt i didnt like it...

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