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I love the headline. The body copy got a bit repetitive.

"There is no entitlement to the consumer's attention. It is earned."
-Luke Sullivan


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this makes sense.


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liked it.

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really nice

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Superb headline! copy is bit boring I agree.

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The headline is off the heezee. Very nice.

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If you're going to take this approach you need to be able to write like Bernbach and this isn't close, sorry.

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I agree. The copy is awful - even if something was lost in translation. It's corny and trite - the original was funny and self-depricating. I don't even think anyone should touch the original. It was made for a certain time and place. This is just drivel.

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the copy HERE is just ok.

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agreed. very nice headline :)

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Unfortunately this had the best body copy of the lot. After wading through the repetition, the last line made sense and tied back with the head.

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i think this is as good as bernbach's

(excluding the polize ad )


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why compare ads for a company that ran them 40 years apart? to what end?

and why should they have to sound like they came from bernbach? bernbach's dead. and potential VW owners don't give a holy shit who bernbach was (unless they're in advertising), and they're certainly not going to care about comparing the virtues of a VW ad done in the 60s versus one done in 2007.

that is a utterly pointless argument to make. it has no relevance to the effectiveness of this ad, running today.

judge it on it's own merit.

headline is nice. art direction we already know is good (krone was brilliant) and it still works. the copy is bland.

but in spite of the copy, it communicates what it's trying to communicate. and i think it communicates it well.

it's a clever line and a quick get. it doesn't hit you over the head with the idea. the art direction is solid. and it doesn't get in the way of itself in any manner. it says, clearly and simply, that this van is going to last you a very long time. period. not a bad ad.

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