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play with yourself...


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I must say I'm a tiny bit disappointed this was photographed by Erwin Olaf, I don't think this meets his usual standards. It's got something, but the line should've brought it home, but didn't.

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I'm thinking the same thing...masturbate!!!

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Its an "ok" idea. But looks cheap, the women looks pasted.

Maybe they should have set a real scenario like a dollhouse and duplicate many times a real woman with different clothes immitating a mannekin/dummy (dont know how you call them) and then the big hand "playing" with them. It could look better that way.

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Erwin Olaf can do much and much better, compare these ads with all his commissioned work ( Grey Istanbul must have paid a lot for these crappy pictures.

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I touch my self...

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Oh I get it...another sex joke.


You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Unfortunately the account did not like all of these ads. Grey Istanbul team made these ads only for themselves. And the sad thing is, when they went to Amsterdam for the shooting, they only complain about everything. The hotel etc. And they did not prepare the concept. I think Erwin Olaf is a very patient man.
Let's talk about the brand. This brand is not very expensive. It is a casual wear. But these print ads show like it is very expensive like Diesel or something else. But in fact it is wrong. Unfortunately when our agencies like Grey Istanbul do some ads for the competitions, they spoil.

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You're not criticizing the work. You're creating speculations about a group of professionals aiming at their reputations. And you are hiding behind an anonymous nick. It gives me the feeling that you have some hard feelings with this agency.

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