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in my opinion this ad will have the residual effect in viewers minds, coz of the funny looks of the workers... idea is ok, but the composition makes it funny and memorable..

| everartz |

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what's with the dudes?

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Don't you fucking scratch this Tv or I kill you. Sorry but it looks like mine friend's.

Guess, I am in the country like Nepal. Which is the world's second richest country in water recourses...and we can actually generate an electricity to light fucking all over Nepal and beyond. And can be known as city of Light....but we don’t do so….guess why, I think we do take these greenpeace issues too seriously. Because today we have electricity power cut off almost for 8 hour a day and that is every day. Isn't that good. The only point I am trying to make worthy is to save this much of electricity for the greenpeace. I even bought fuckin LCD to save energy instead of CRT. But I am in shits right now cuz it does not give true color as CRT. This is what is going on in Nepal............unknowingly saving the energy for Green peace.

___Advertising is advertising___

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Y didnt it say

"Save energy and read a book."

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