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Every time I go out for sushi, the first thing out of my mouth is, "I'm gonna eat me some Nemo!"

So...hack work? simple and straightforward? easily connects because we've all thought/said/seen it?

I guess their results really speak for themselves.

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This was sent out to media planners and buyers to encourage them to book advertising space.
It's actually an edible, for inside industry interest. not like the two examples given above which are consumer.
I’m curious ( .nl not verified ) what would you have done differently?

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i wouldn't kill and serve the hero of the movie, that's for sure.

though it is funny. :)

what ad space are they trying to sell?

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it's a nice DM piece.. and it's edible.. that's something.

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I agree with not killing the hero, it lacks substance and logic. Though it is fun, try sending it to the children who were going to see the movie, think that would work? Advertising is about subtle incinuation - nudging towards our clients products or services, does anyone think this says "Our movie will be the death of ..." Fill in the blank, maybe "...your advertising budget", but that wouldn't sell. Fun, yes. Effective, I'm sure. Good advertising? ...

As for the person who said "MADE in the USA"'s comment, it doesn't matter if this was edible and the others weren't. If I take the CANNES Grand Prix winning LEGO ad but put in a pyarmid and change the ocean to sand, it still wasn't mine and I still ripped it off. I have no idea which came frist in this case, the chicken or the egg, but stealing is exactly that. Sorry.

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