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i like the colors

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How about you show me the tones being perfect, rather than telling me.

PS: the "Just Like Jazz" is starting to be annoying already.

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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totally agreed....moreover the style of dis ad is being used in several ways before...since they used the same tone ....they ought to come up with a strong visual which wud have attracted the consumers mind in such way that the consumers are experiencing dis kind of ad for the first time

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I also like this one's colour arrangement.

Nice art.

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the idea is good the execution is awful. Why are you showing me a jazz musician, it just reinforces to me that this is to do with music. You can't just rely on the logo for consumers to connect to your creative. Interesting attempt, but big fail.

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i like it. works for me.

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this line seems long and not as creative as the earlier one :(

art is superb! cheers on this!

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like the copy...

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art work is superb :)

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the artwork is reminiscent of David Carson ads in the 90's

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