Turnet: Aruba, 4

Is today Wednesday or Thursday?

Advertising Agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Creatives: Felipe Luchi
Creative Directors: Felipe Luchi, André Laurentino, Jaques Lewkowicz
Photographer: Paola Oliveira, Aruba bank
Illustrators: Cleiton Cafeu, Juarez Versolato
Graphic Production: Marcos Pedra


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now this is a cool visual and art....

like it, .... i buy it!

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Crisp One
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yea, the art direction is very fresh,
with the two directions on one page...awsome.

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Not totally convinced about the art, but the lines are great. I imagine they sound better in portuguese, though.

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leaking bucket.
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It looks nice but I don't feel like it will pull me to Aruba. I also think that I have seen these photos (the ones inside the hands) before. Not sure if they are just standard stock images (bad mistake if they are) or maybe this is an extension of an existing campaign - anyone know???

Anyway it feels a bit stale/old and this message can be said about any resort, anywhere in the world.

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Whatt'???? Delicious art. I love it. But huge mistake if these are stock images. And about the word Aruba, pff.. it needs more hours. Every country logo for tourism has identity, this has no one.

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I think this particular image is stock. I'm sure I've seen it before. and it was for Aruba as well.

but... I like the copy and hate the art. it's just pathetic.

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Is today Wednesday or Thursday? Funny :)

It reminds me a comics strips with two hippos laying in the mud. One of them saying: "we are thursday already?".

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guiding light
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awesome visual ads

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badiya hai mast

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