Turnet: Aruba, 3

Feel it? The ocean is pulling us.

Advertising Agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Creatives: Felipe Luchi
Creative Directors: Felipe Luchi, André Laurentino, Jaques Lewkowicz
Photographer: Paola Oliveira, Aruba bank
Illustrators: Cleiton Cafeu, Juarez Versolato
Graphic Production: Marcos Pedra


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Neil Levy
314 pencils

these look great. very tasteful and the type is really smart.

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

I would omit the shells and the starfish...! In previous the butterflies make sense.


scarfinati's picture
837 pencils

The shells makes sense. Theres a boat there from which someone dove into the water to presumably collect those items.

Omitting them in one and not the others would look strange

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