Shit car

June 2012
Advertising Agency: Publicis Communications, Mumbai, India
Chief Executive Officer: Ashish Khazanchi
Executive Creative Director: Vivek Rao
Art Director: Anant M Singarwadi
Copywriter: Ashish Khazanchi
Client Team Director: Dilip Poddar
Photographer: Shekhavat Himmat
Production Manager: Prathamesh Prabhu
Account team: Rohil Paralkar

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Ad Eagle's picture
Ad Eagle
Activity Score 41

"Honda" not "Hyundai"

aazzeemm's picture
Activity Score 42

Good :-)

salil.sharma's picture
Activity Score 2428

i love this concept
remember my old memories
outstanding Art Direction & Execution
Rocking Guys

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

Shawali's picture
Activity Score 8442

The foreground and background are overexposed and burned. Never shoot at noon.

Looks more like an ad for Hyundai than anything else.

The use of bird poo in a condom ad is really confusing (and gross)

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

bate_palmas's picture
Activity Score 1479

I agree. Kinda looks like someone did a megajizz all over the car.

Either way, I certainly have no interest in using these after looking at this ad. Just gross

Ad Eagle's picture
Ad Eagle
Activity Score 41

"Honda" not "Hyundai"

somecopywriter's picture
Activity Score 1113

I think the condom leaked on the car, else this is some obscure dogging reference. Either way this ad is a huge fail.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 43452

if that is all bird poop good lord....

kalankji's picture
Activity Score 229



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