Turbokolor: Delikatessen, Blood freak

Turbokolor is bored with Polish fashion campaigns. That's why Paweł Fabjański created pictures inspired by Stanley Kubrick and Jean-Pierre Jeunet movies. Turbokolor as streetwear brand and lifestyle trendsetter tells young Polish hipsters to read, to know classic movies, to create the their inside too not only their outfits.

Advertising Agency: Shootme, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Paweł Fabjański
Art Director: Paweł Kozłowski | Swanski|Paweł Kozłowski | Swanski
Photographer: Paweł Fabjański |Paweł Fabjański | shootme.pl
Production: Matylda Kwiatkowska, Weronika Wyrzykowska, pinkponk.pl
Stylist: Weronika Wyrzykowska
Set design: Maria Koper, Bartosz Kujawa
Make up: Budyń
Published: September 2010


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If you really want to encourage hipsters to read, write a wise saying. And don't put it on a t-shirt.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.


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Lubię i ciuch i foto. Enthusiasm over escapism

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I think this is trying to be Diesel...

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