Puppies, Birthday

April 2011
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Kids later.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director: Martín Mercado
Creative Directors: Diego Tuya, Dario Rial, Martín Goldberg
Art Director: Matias Varise
Photographer: Juan Mathe
Retoucher: Dani Romanos

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Nice campaign, nice to see new takes on the subject. I just wish you should have stayed with this one piece, the other ones suck and they don't have the same insight i think. The scene represents something this young couple, enjoys while they wait for the right time to start a family. In this case the COOL thing is they're doing what people don't regularly do with dogs, celebrate a dogs birthday, ok some do but it's not a must. And that is what i think the other pieces lack. And thats why in this piece i dont think it replaces the role of a child with a dog. But the other ones do. 8/10 for this one, 3/10 for the other 2.


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