Tulipan Condoms: Pimples, 4

You need a little bit of spring time.

In Argentina, zits indicate that you haven't had sex for too long. So in Spring time, season of love, you need to have some, with Tulipan Condoms.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Argentina
Creative Director: Guillermo Vega
Art Director: Paulina Ordas
Copywriter: Laura Minces
Photographer: Matias Posti
Additional credits: Daniel Romanos, Fernando Costanza
Published: September 2007


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Argentinians have a special gene that deactivates when sexually active? I didn't think so.

Trying to convince teens that having sex gets rid of pimples seems especially sleazy.

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Hello! It's a joke.

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Jokes are funny? What's funny about this? Its misleading without an exaggeration, not clever, doesn't have any plays on words, no smart insight. I don't see any hallmarks of a joke here.

It's misleading, inaccurate and appears to be aimed at an audience that their marketing department knows often doesn't know better. It's not a joke, it's crap.

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It's offensing and says nothing about the qualities of the product!This may be an ad for a campaign for making sex but with a stupid and shallow insight!Incredibly stupid strategy and positioning!

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I guess you dont really know the brand. Thats what the brand says.

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Tries to take a different route to the subject, but fails to inspire interest to go for the product...

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Lejos la peor campaña de tulipan de los últimos tiempos.

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sin palabras

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they took a long way and got lost!

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