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cute yet a waste of effort for a no-brainer idea.

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i think some of u guys just dont get it. and i wont be the one to explain. this is genius. but the version i saw in luerzers was without a line. thought it was stronger without.
thought that someone whos called deep_tracy would understand better. (not meant seriously, but hate to put smileys at the end of sentences.)

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What's wasteful is It actually looks pleasing rather than supposed to be negative..
Copy contradicts with the AD.


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This one is the cover of Archive (01-2007).

I like these ads. =)

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WIthout the line this would be several and I mean several, times better.

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Originally it didn't have a line. As I said on the other ad of this campaign, it ran for Student´s
and Spring Day in Argentina, a time where young people go out with their mates and get excited and fuck a lot.


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Exactly. That's so weird that they've changed it. It's also in Luerzer's Archive Vol.1 2007. Just says spring break and the condom package. Thought that's a lot better.

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