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swati s
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Ah, the old "make a paint brush look like something else trick" Didn't Brandcom do something similar for DMC a few years back?
Anyway...who cares. Low budget, shite idea.

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Hi Kanti.. How you know this much abut brandcome and the work they did as you say few years back keeping in mind that you are from (New Zealand) specially that Brandcom (as a name) its so new i think its less then a year also the work for DMC witch is local client and not international so the chances for you to see the work for this client is so less..

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Hey Kanti, I'm afraid to say you've been caught out. The previous replier is absolutely right.

I suggest you keep your childish opinions to yourself. Advertising is rife with jealousy and backstabbing, especially in the MIddle East.

We don't need anymore.

This is a site that everyone can visit. it's a good thing. it's a positive.

BTW, the ad is fine. It's not a bad idea, it ain't an award-winner.

Let us see your stuff, Rocky.

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What is Art & Flower? A shop for flowers and art?

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Bad photoshop, i like the idea, but i think the execution can be better

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could have been better. again engrish

Arnold Santillan

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Evrything is BAD

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this is so 90s.

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not working for me at all

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this concept should be retired by now. almost all brands world over have done sumthin like this 20yrs ago. not fresh, not well executed, not great. not even good.

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What idiot would want to put their name on this rubbish?

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Simple idea....Great execution!

Wonder why some people keep visiting the same advert over and over again to criticise it.

Anyways I like it.....

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all the predators that you only would see if you have an eye in your back are slipping out of their holes to tear the prey into pieces

a fat prey attracts plenty of hungry yaps

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I can't begin to tell you how sick I am of people in this industry taking two things and simply sticking them together; or taking one thing and making it 'appear' to be something else - clever. Since when is that creative advertising? Tired. Boring. Done.

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college book??

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