TUI: DIY Roses

Ladies love it when us blokes do a bit of DIY. So why not treat the missus this Valentine's? Just tear this out, roll it up and voila. Plus you can keep your dosh for a dozen of your own.
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February, 2012


kleenex's picture
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this will not work. Women are not that stupid.

CommandZ's picture
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Cheap paper roses for the ladies so the "boys" can spend more on booze. I highly doubt this puts the boys in the legitimate "give and you shall receive", good standing. Unless you're ok with being perceived as a cheap bastard and a lush, that isn't going to "receive".

Eugens's picture
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It's a joke, why don't you guys take a chill pill and go lay down for a while?

CommandZ's picture
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Yeah, it's a joke alright mate. a very sorry one.

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