Tuffy Plastic bags: Nerd

Advertising Agency: Joe Public, South Africa
Creative Director: Liezl-Mari Long
Art Director: Lucas van Vuuren
Copywriter: Steve Anderson
Photographer: Allan Reed


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plastic bags r okay... but what is the communication...

ivan's picture

They didn't burst.

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Like it!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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the plastic bags are too tough to break even if thrown at a grease filled hair of Freshman Geeks
Now thats tuff

TheVinchiFish's picture
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Too cold. So quite. The boy can be look like more idiot.
alrite done.

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would be more funny with a local looking up, looking really puzzled. aiish!!

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Fk Mikenj
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is tuffy green?

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Well no one is going to buy them for that purpose anymore!

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Yeah, they'll loose 0.1% of their market to gain on the rest.

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I love it! I remember bombing nerds like this oke in high school! Oh the fond memories, this cheeky chappy definately wouldn't have avoided a black bin full of water on those chubby legs though!
Is this ad new? I thought Lucas had left JoePublic?

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I think it's really cool.

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Very nice simple idea.

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complicated and boring..

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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This ad is ok. I like the idea. But I think this would have been better if the guy was knocked out on the sidewalk and all the bags were lying around him because they didn't break (too slapstick perhaps?). I think it just doesn't work for me because they missed him with every shot. It does pose an interesting argument though; basically, the ad is showing the benefit of the product, by demonstrating a non-benefit.

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What is so complicated and boring?

Water bombs + Nerd = Attack.

Water bombs didn't break because bags are tough, hence nerd looking confused. It's not rocket science to figure that out. Nice.

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