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good idea...but, to me, the execution is all wrong.

the 'nude' bottle is exactly the same bottle as the bachelor party-goers. so in a way, all these guys are hangin out watching a guy, strip. ew.

unless, this beer is targeted to homosexuals..as far as i know tuborg doesnt distribute beer in the states.

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What are you talking about? There are no male or female bottles. Bottles are sexless. ;)

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well...obviously. but theres a stripper in this spot ivan! this campaign is giving the product(the bottles) a persona...therefore all these 'guys' are watching a 'guy' strip. better?

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Ha, I'm sure it's not what you meant, but your last line insinuates that everyone in the States is gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And we have Tuborg in Canada, so I'm sure it's in the States. Anything we have in Canada, you guys usually have ten times better, except weed.

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not what i meant..i just meant i dont know the product so i dont know their target demo..

and...now im not so sure about your last comment...cuz i happened to pick up some damn good shit just the other day!

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The agency is from Bulgaria, not Belgium.
And believe it or not it won a bronze at EPICA this year...

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more executions doesn't makes up for lack of ideas.


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hehehe, I found it very funny... and it didn't make me wander around the thought if it was a 'male' or 'female' bottle. I think its pretty clear.

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i think its a simple n sweet ad, why all this intellectual jerk-off?

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I think there's actually something a bit threatening about the ad, with the 'nude' bottle center foreground, completely still, with all the other bottles still but leaning slightly towards the stripper. The nudity isn't lighthearted or sexy - it has an atmosphere of shock.

But it's better than the gay party ad.

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I like that big 'naked' bottle.. I would love to lick it all!! mmmmmm!!! (talking about gay, eh?! LOL!

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