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I find it strange that if this was the World Trade Center, people would be screaming for this to be removed.

I find this just as tasteless.

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yeah i know what you mean.

lawn fertilizer is one very important ingredient for home-made bombs(those the "terrorists" are using)...therefore: lawn fertilizer ads are disgusting and tasteless.

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There are many important ingredients of homemade bombs, nails, chapati powder, petrol, fertiliser, plastic, fuses etc. You can't say lawn fertiliser ads are disgusting and tasteless unless they reference bombing (or were you being ironic, in which cae ignore me)

I need a drink.

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I agree, how come this would be ok? Then again, the 'world trade centre attack' is a specific event not just a fictional terrorist bomb, whereas this is a tsunami, as opposed to 'the boxing day tsunami', though it is still a bit tasteless considering the imapct of said tsunami.

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I totally agree with you.. it doesn't make sense what happened with creatives that did the LEGO campaign.. having them fired for using WTC and other destruction images... if so this campaign should be treated the same way... other than that i dnt find these ads interesting! the see-saw one is wau much better.

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Same idea again! jesus, one is enough! the tornado one is fine.

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i totally don't get that this was a car bomb. you can't see the car well enough to get that it was the one that blew up. the place that the tires are located in doesn't make any sense. this area looks like it was already in a state of destruction. why is there water everywhere? the poles are all wrong in the direction they are hanging.
if i'm going to be all "screaming about this ad" i'm going to scream that it sucks. and if it's supposed to be about the tyres lasting even through a car bomb then, yeah, it's totally tasteless. but it's just so poorly done, that that is what i'm going to be upset about.
nah. i'm just going to forget about it in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... forgotten

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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Are you dumm? what car bomb??? - Its about the great grip of the tyres, the TSUNAMI took the car away, and the houses, etc but not the tyres. its a simple ad.

The tyres have great grip...

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no. i'm not dumb. are you? you couldn't have possibly have read my entire post. otherwise you wouldn't be so insensed. i don't understand why you needed to be rude.

Juan Carlos Javier Bossi's picture
Juan Carlos Jav...
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Okay, Im sorry... I dont mean it

ellehcimeo's picture
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okay. thanks for apologizing... now let's get to some more ads!

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hahaha ...a car bomb??? :D

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car gone. mom and dad dead. kids dead. tires? they survived! wheeeeeeee.

here's the client meeting:

creative director: the concept is this...exploiting disasters and tragedy to sell your product.
client: fantastic! let's do it.

stupid. lame. tasteless.

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I agree with most of you that this is a bit too much to schill some over-priced rubber.

Speaking of trying WAY too hard to sell tires..

Has anyone seen the Pirelli Tires 'The Call" series? (SUCH a rip off of BMW films)
Here's a link if you've got 10 minutes to waste:

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writergeekdez... i totally agree wit ya mate. this work seems awesome at first but once it sinks in it's like a student book idea that didnt do much for his career chances as well!!!

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is This a joke ? it is not possible

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