Try intimate lubricant gel: Skittle

Try me!*
*or not...
Try intimate lubricant gel

Advertising Agency: JWT, Paris, France
Creative Director: Ghislain de Villoutreys
Art Director: Jean-Baptiste Berthelom
Copywriter: Thomas Sabatier

March, 2011


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Funny, and the series works as a head-turner, even though it's obvious as hell.

But this has 'scam' smeared right up to the elbow from where I'm watching: French audiences are notorious for their dislike of English ads, so I can't see the CTA working. And the paperstock looks like it's straight from the office printer. And no way a petshop/photoshop/bowling alley's going to allow these circles running rampant on their premises.


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Sorry, my bad, these are actually press ads.

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@ Ivan : Thanks !
@CuriousPencil : you can check online by downloading the last issue of "sensitif", a free gay magazine... The 3 press ad are inside :-)

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Thanks peggy, I take back my scam accusation; you didn't include a link to the magazine - is it English language? Just wondering because of the point about French audiences and English ads. Also, is there a follow-up in the magazine with a product shot? Just so the audience can see what it looks like when they're in the pharmacy or whatever.

Thanks for the extra info.

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These are print ads, not ambient stunts, so I didn't get the "scam" comment. That said, are these objects intended to resemble phalluses?


Thanks for the info.. So they are targeting gay men.

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Sorry, here's the link !

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jajaja i like it

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Hahahahaha, simple and to the point

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Bad, bad, bad

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