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leaking bucket.
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This is the worst strategy I have ever seen.

Humanize the bugs so we identify with them and then kill them. WTF

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john doe
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very bad taste.

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I feel sorry for them too. But, then again. I don't kill bugs or any other critters at all.

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Yes, it's dark.
It messes with you.
It's not 'right'.
That's why I love it.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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anyone from the targeted region have anything to say? it's a good idea, just a bit absurd at the same time.

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No strategy Boss...

At the most this can be used as light humar (actually stupid) campgn for brand awareness in certain (very restricted) magazines targetted to very specific target... but then it is NOT fair to the client unless he/she has requested for the same.

BTW Good work, Paulino Caffarena and Juanito. But!!!

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I enjoy leafy vegatables