Tropicana: Your Daily Ray of Sunshine, Wednesday

You’ve made the climb to Wednesday.
Look, you can see the weekend from here.

Each execution depicts a different day of the working week. Stunningly simple, the bright and visually engaging artwork reflects the optimism of the Tropicana brand, using a different pep-talk mantra each day to encourage the reader to think positively about the day ahead, and attack it in a Tropicana way.

Advertising Agency: DDBUK, London, UK
Creative Director: Grant Parker
Art Director: Shishir Patel
Copywriter: Sam Oliver
Designer: Pete Mould
Planning: Georgina Murray-Burton, Ami Smith

February, 2011


luispiter's picture
2756 pencils

i dont like... its bad

jagadeesh's picture
743 pencils

i like this, the reason for Wednesday is apt and funny in my view compared to others..

AdBuzzer's picture
1168 pencils

yeah, the Wednesday insight is correct! I like the simplicity of the execution.

Madison Maven's picture
Madison Maven
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I like that Tropicana is beginning to stay away from health messages. The calorie attack, especially on beverages is only going to continue. Here, they tell us why its worth those calories (sort of..)

chapelier's picture
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yes this is the best one out of the bunch... i like the bright primary colours, but other than that, not much to be liked. the copy is nothing special, the artwork blah, the concept used.

keeping the right side of your head warm.

Glut's picture
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The idea is old, but if i have to chose one of the series, this is it

halig's picture
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why is the tropicana bottle so small?? is there no better way to incorporate it??

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