Tropicana: Your Daily Ray of Sunshine, Friday

The week ends. The weekend begins. You’ve got to love Fridays.

Each execution depicts a different day of the working week. Stunningly simple, the bright and visually engaging artwork reflects the optimism of the Tropicana brand, using a different pep-talk mantra each day to encourage the reader to think positively about the day ahead, and attack it in a Tropicana way.

Advertising Agency: DDBUK, London, UK
Creative Director: Grant Parker
Art Director: Shishir Patel
Copywriter: Sam Oliver
Designer: Pete Mould
Planning: Georgina Murray-Burton, Ami Smith

February 2011


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I like the campaign a differnet ad, different mood for every day that´s not new but neither bad. I don´t know you guys but i think the art is not very good

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its bad...

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Nude Copy
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I can't make a terrible copy than this

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Speaking of its creative tactics, this ad did catch my attention, quite an enjoyable viewing experience I must say. The problem is that I don't find this a typical tropicana ad. If it weren't because of the title "Tropicana: Your Daily Ray of Sunshine, Friday", I would have thought this is for a different brand on my first glance.

Keeping the right side of your head warm.

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