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Things that are forced to look like other things. You can get this ad straight away, but it's rather tiresome and very first thought.

Fail Harder.

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Ivan, I suppose we need to have a real debate on "first thought" and "tiresome" as it's been thrown about here on these pages like so much confetti. Do you suppose you could do with a discussion board instead? http://kettleandmug.blogspot.com

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If the comment is not appropriate Ivan, then I apologise to you and instinctive for saying so.
However, it would be the exact same thing said to me by my CD if I showed him a campaign like that.

Fail Harder.

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I think it is appropriate to say this. Thanks for caring!

I still like the campaign, even though I remember so many similar ones. Bone made of milk, etc. I've done at least 2 of such campaigns myself. Still the above works I feel.

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I hear that too Ivan, sometimes budgets and clients can conspire to force this kind of idea.

Yes, it's nothing new, but those it's aimed at will and isn't that one of things ads are supposed to do - clearly inform consumers?

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Oooh, ooh, let's make X look like X! I love it! let's take it to our instructor & see what they think.

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I don't think you can get these ads straight away.
When I saw these (fish, bone, toast) I thought this product is aiming at your fluffy loved ones.
I guess it's misleading... I wouldn't like to drink stuff that is addressed to my pet.

Just my two cents...

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Toast for Fibre, bone for calcium, and fish for omega3

"Love to Live, Live to Love"

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Ma anche no!!!

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yea....budibudz.fish and omega3.I think it's pretty simple to relate

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student work?

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Fish and orange juice? The connection is disturbing. Especially first thing in the morning.

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how do you make tropicana orange juice

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