Tronderenergy Hydro Utility Child / Youth Fund: Runner

It takes more than just blood, sweat and tears.
When your ambitions are high, we can provide the financial support that will help you reach your goals.
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Advertising Agency: Trondheim, Norway
Creative Director / Art Director: Frank Trana
Copywriter: Hanne Thoresen
Photographer: GT
Published: 2009


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830 pencils

Theres no concept here...

rehpani's picture
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Nike Shoes :)

Brooklander's picture
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The shadows are all pointing in different directions. Does that place have 2 suns?

Gwen_Goth's picture
15 pencils

poor execution, I count at least 3 different light sources; concept is there but is also poorly executed; would be better to show the long road ahead of her (signifying the struggle ahead)

franktrana's picture
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You commented on my ad the other day.
I was actually worried for a second that you might be some smart and clever creative dude.
You should not be allowed to critique other's work if this is what you post yourself.

Plus you gave yourself a 10???!!!!!!
You really think this is an awesome ad, dontcha?


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ivan's picture

He has the right to express his likes regardless who created it. Just like politician cast their votes for themselves. Nothing wrong with that. :)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

Juan Martinez's picture
Juan Martinez
110 pencils

not a good concept and it looks like an old nike ad.

Juan Martinez's picture
Juan Martinez
110 pencils

funny comment by corko!

Brain-Art's picture
1101 pencils

Not well conected

flanders's picture
34 pencils

bad idea, bad execution...I think it seems a layout rather than a completed ad. Need to improve, bro

naseer's picture
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i dont like the execution... it could be improved a lott

mikris's picture
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I think everyone has said what I was thinking...

bassam.abdu's picture
10 pencils

nice lighting image, but the perspective of girl not right she is not on track , wheres the concept

red-red's picture
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looks intriguing but no real idea...

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