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lolol what is this... toooo forced.one of the worst ads ive seen in my life i really dont like it.

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ok ... because the dog has super mega energy the grandma is flying in the space????
And she owns the longost leash on earth!

I will never go to italy anymore... :D

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Disco Munky
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It's one of those retractable leads. They go on for-Ever.

Doin' it for the points

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the dog transformed into planet earth?

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not too bad in my opinion, it's realy forced but it's a style, i think that this ad can sell the product.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Makes no sense.

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Killer Kowalski
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This ad in my eyes is art! By pushing it to the limits and way beyond, it uncovers how uninspired 90% of the award winning ads are working: just exaggerate thinks. Great work guys!

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KK - the problem isn't that the exaggeration is there - I think everyone will agree that exaggeration can be very effective. The basic idea/premise is flawed from the start. There are some very intelligent people on this site (others not so much), but even they don't "get" it. Why is the walker in space? My guess is that the dog was so fast that the walker was flung into space by the momentum. Too weak if so. A better execution would be having the dog stop suddenly to smell a hydrant, and the walker propelled over it in an arc (or whatever). This really is too hard to "get". It looks like the dogwalker is coming back to earth after going for a space walk and being dragged back by the dog. Bad ad.

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Somebody wake me when this comment ends please.

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Killer Kowalski
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I guess you are right with your momentum theory. At least that's what I thought too. But I don't think this is a bad ad just beacause some (maybe including me) don't get it - just think of the economist ad most people don't get, still brilliant!

But I think it's a very good example how lot's of so called creatives work: look for some product an the effect it might have, exaggerate this effect to the max and you have a winner. But this ad actually is so bad, it is an caricature of this thinking. And that's what I like about it.

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good grief! there's more of these? make it stop!

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please do... I´ll eat my veggies I promise !!

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I don't mind this - a dog so enegetic he'll put you in orbit. Ha ha. Hey, the Russians thought of that idea a loooonnng time ago.

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