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It's not bad, but i think it may offend some people
plus it's been done by tamiya which won award at adfest

the copy is" for those with an eye for assembly - tamiya"

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i like than people say "it has been done", hmm, i think pretty much everything has been done in some way or another...


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Done before with those examples? Hardly! Similar idea, but the art direction and style is completely different. Are those other ones for glue?
If those are example of done before, then I could show you dozens which have been done before them.
And if those are reasons for putting down this ad because "it's been done before" then there is absolutely no point in making ANY more ads.

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is the world running out of ideas?????????? It might just be happenning.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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done by Creative Juice G1,Bangkok (TBWA) with a million times better art n copy for Tamiya.

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Neither are really working for me.
Parochially spiritual creative, maybe?
A tagline might help.

Triz is your absolution?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Really nice, but me thinks they derived their insipration from one of those put-it-together model kit ads, though the product catagories are totally different. Don't remember which one, but it had this watermelon smashed into a million pieces, and each piece was labelled. It said 'for people with an eye for details'.

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Whoops... just noticed hand posted something similar. My bad! :P

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