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are they trying to communicate speed and grip?

lpliza's picture
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I.. what?

It's ugly and unclear.

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I think its saying "its fast as a fighter plane and it sticks on the road" and I might be wrong too cuz its a bit unclear...

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old idea.

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family trees usually go from one or two people to many, so this is confusing. Is it going upward or downward.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Nobody looks at an ad from the bottom up UNLESS the art director intends it to be read that way. I'm sure there are a few examples out there where it's clear that the starting point of the ad is at the bottom. I don't think this is confusing to undersatnd at all. The "fast/sticky" vis analogy for cars and bikes (and tires) has been done to death by now, but the message still seems clear as a bell.
I just hope this is not a double-page spread. And you know why.

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"confused" ??? unclear"???
It's so easy and clear to me.
Am I a genius???
I like it.

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I think it's more than clear. It's wicked fast. It handles great (i.e. it sticks to the road.)

And the family tree execution isn't at all confusing, either. It like, "Imagine if a fighter jet could mate with some gum on the street, you'd get this motorcycle."

Nice work.

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unclear? where i come from, family trees have a dad, a mom and at least a kid. don't get why its unclear....

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Very clear.

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Saab has done the Family-Tree-comprising-fighter-plane ad a very long time back. They can do that, since they make friggin jet fighters. This is a rip-off, obviously. I can't locate the exact ad, but here are some good (serious) ads which reveal the flightier side of Saab. http://www.trollhattansaab.net/archives/2005/06/saab_vs_poster.html (see sixth poster: Saab vs.saab)
Aha - found the ad - or half of it, at least. Those boys from brazil should be made to eat used tp for desecrating this classic.

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Family-Tree in advertising is not new at all. Have been done several times.
But the saab ad has nothing to do with anything... a car that came from two other cars, mixed with a jet that goes to nowhere!

I like this ad. They mix speed and grip to create a super bike. Very different from the link I think.

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Mr. Phill
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Great and simple ad! Love it.

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No dice. Keep thinking.

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the fold of the double pages is on the product...

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It came out as a single page. the double version is a poster.

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The concept isn't bad, but i wish there was more to the execution to make me want to look at it. Sepia doesn't do it for me anymore.

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Idea is cool but I'm not sure about art direction.

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a good layout might hv made it better

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