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'Hey guys, guys, I know this dude who can do CG images, he is a friend of mine, we should do something with him. Does anybody have an idea?'.

Seriously, this is really bad.

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El producto sirve para suavizar triciclos de los hijos de Mad Max?

El 3D muy cool

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The strategy is not great, but the execution is truly repulsive.

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i think the art direction of the product shot and the copy could have been better.
Meanwhile, the visual is sooooo 'ouch!'

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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I like those visuals a lot!
BUT: that makes no sense at all. And i don't think another copy could solve that problem. The twist in that idea makes no sense. Baby-Toys are ten million times tested before they get on the market. A Baby could fall off or something, but there is absolutely no way that they hurt the skin in a way the softener could protect them. That idea is lost. Let it die.

Or kick the line and sell the visuals to some heavy metal band as a cd-cover. That would be cool ;)

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i was thinking that too, could be a cover for some slayer album.

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I like it as an artwork

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