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manuel a.
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i don't get it.. is that means all person who own this car will die?

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i gess u havent seen any of tarantino movies do you?

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Mini is one of the Sponsors for the Rome Film Fest. Quentin Tarentino historically has made quite a few slasher films. Hence the blood on the rear window of the car. If you're aware of these directors, you'll understand the reference. It's like the one w/the bird shit all over it....Alfred Hitchcock directed a movie called Birds (name check?)...Common sense.

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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Seems odd that you claim to "be aware of these directors" and then totally miss the direct reference to Pulp Fiction here.

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Well, creative180 is right... kinda. Quentin Tarantino has made some slasher films, but this is actually a reference from Pulp Fiction, his most famous film. This is the part where John Travolta shoots the guy in the face while they are driving... remember?

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I would say that the ads don't follow the same line. This one is pretty clear, is a direct reference to Pulp Fiction, but the one of Sergio Leone for instance talks about a genre (the spaghetti western): Two different approaches. I have to confess that I'm lost with the Lars von Trier One, I only got to see Dancer In The Dark, so based on the other two, I don't know if the ad is a reference to a movie or to the style.

That been said, I still like the ads, very in the flavor of some Absolut vodka campaigns.

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Fabian Kirner
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Who the fuck needs that Tarantino-Subline? Would´ve had much more power without.
Only the plain line: MINI. Sponsor of the italian film fest.

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