TriBeCa Fashion Wear: Detachables

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Case Deenadayalan
Art Director / Copywriter: Hital Pandya
Illustrator: Ace Animations
Via: Bestadsontv


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So you are just selling the detachable attribute? sucks...
there are better atributes in that kind of wear.

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would've been better if the model was real. but overall idea could've been much better. i dont know what this detachable clothing is about. maybe should've included a product shot or something.

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Emran Hayat
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i dnt get it :/

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i agree.. if the model was real and her clothing in lego could've been better.

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look at all this hard work for nothing

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Detachables? What the fuck is that supposed to mean then? That I can take the clothes off at the end of the day?

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No more messing about with Lego please!

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No more lego please!!

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LOL has no one noticed that she looks like she's just let one rip.....haha XD

OK childish giggle over, no their was a brilliant concept going on here but it didn't get developed....shame.

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