January 2010

Zenzai. Yudofu. Unadon.
Could that be why Japanese women have beautiful skin?
The all-new menu by Chef Ryota Takeyari at Trendz.

Advertising Agency: IBD Hakuhodo Percept, Mumbai, India
Creative Director / Copywriter: Sunil Shibad
Art Director / Illustrator: Swapnil Shete
Additional credits: Surendra Adivarekar

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anyway,,japanese women have beautiful skin???

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Thumbnails are interesting, not the details.


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so they can use it for an online-banner at least

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You are right. Here`s the complete case:

Everyone should check it out, and see how far our creatives are going to get some stuff done. This creatives should be fired, no doubt. And the original illustrators of the other campaign should sue them.

Maybe they will understand the dimension of their mistakes. Shame on you, IDB. Your names will be in our blacklist.

Don't let it go to your head.
L.A.O.S -

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On top of that, the creatives should also do more research especially on the Asia culture. Can you imagine a Thailand Buddha appeared on the Japanese food ad, wrongly used!!

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Is here : of an original possibility?
"IESU" is worse, and as for the art direction, it is in every respect unskilled, and the sense is also worse.

The visual of "IESU" : though the contrast of the photograph seems to have risen so that the texture of the Japanese paper that hangs to the face of the doll may fly.

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ek kanya
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ok types.

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

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Lousy headline & font arrangement..... sad.

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anyway,,japanese women have beautiful skin???