Trax Magazine: Teenager

The electro magazine that makes you fussy.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Paris, France
Creative Director: Les Six
Art Directors: Julien Vallon, Gilles Rivollier
Copywriter: Montassar Chlaika
Photographer: Marc Paeps
Retoucher: BeeFactory
Art Buyers: Sylvie Reveillard, Claire Nicaise, Amélie Crinon
Published: March 2010


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Roger Keynes
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The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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jajaja good

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bad astronaut
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yeah..........did Beavis and Butthead run loose in France?

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Javier Ramírez
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Nice art direction...very nice art direction

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Love it :)

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and the idea is so simpleton...

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The idea is simple, good art direction, it's disgusting but it works. (la musique est à vomir!)

Simple ideas are the best !

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Just like the art direction. I personally find the concept weak.

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Holly Boy
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Very nice art direction. Impressive.
Great idea, simple and efficient !


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it works? how does this work? it's idiotic and not funny at all. obv you don't listen to a magazine, you look through it and if it makes you fussy you throw up normally. ooh, let's make the galfriend throwing up out of her ear. yes it's that annoying music coming out of that trax mag. makes me remember the title trax, other than that, no offense, massive fail imo.

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jesus.. this is weird

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Alexandre Brito
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razorsharp creative
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BLEECH! But, I give it 7 stars for just that reason. Every comment, comments, on the sick or disgusting aspects of this ad are actually giving the art direction kudos. Now, is it speaking to its audience? Well, I don't necessarily know, but I would think so considering the subject matter. So, over all good job...but next time, USE THE TOILET! (i gotta brush my teeth in that sink, man)

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

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Can you be more disgusting?

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... seriously, are you poofters ?

It's a great ad with a visual shock. It's brilliant !

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... seriously, are you poofters ?

It's a great ad with a visual shock. It's brilliant !

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Phil Lestino
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poofters????? OMG I haven't heard that for a long time...LOL

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Feeling uncomfortable............................ I'll stay in Loo for several minutes...

But I love this idea!

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This is freaking rad. Simple idea and awesome art direction!

Well done guys!

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So what the hell does this imply...that "electronic music" is superior to rock?!? Techno is artificial ear garbage that's generated by machines, with no talent needed to create it whatsoever...rock is melodic, symphonic, harmonious, and MUSICAL. It is a blending of real talents and real instruments, something that soulless ear garbage such as techno can never achieve, no matter how hard those "musical" posers called DJ's try. EPIC FAIL for techno, EPIC FAIL for this ad. ROCK RULES...FOREVER!!!!

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