Travel Planet 24: Paris

You travel with your mind everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if your body could follow?

Advertising Agency: The Syndicate, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Nicholas Koligiannis
Art Director: Socrates Karamanidis
Copywriter: Nikos Pechlivanidis
Photographer: Getty Images

June, 2008


scarfinati's picture
835 pencils

Dont think you need that bizarre brain thing.

That leaves an image of the eiffel tower and a nice thought in the headline. AD get to work...

Also the mind and brain are two different things. One is physical one is mental

monicamexico's picture
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Stop with the floating brains!

Neil Levy's picture
Neil Levy
314 pencils

3 you's in one headline makes me think you could have written your headline better. you know?

monotone's picture
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I'm pretty sure it's a translation and it's probably not that literal.

These are creepy and bad.

raverus's picture
1476 pencils

where the eyes? lol

Pete2's picture
712 pencils

Wow, this really sucks!

Blaz's picture
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EscolaElisava's picture
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do not ever, ever ever again present a sky like this, you hear me?

Frits Harkema's picture
Frits Harkema
713 pencils

Somebody clearly has lost his brain.

lucaszaiden's picture
93 pencils

Trocadilho visual sinistro!!


Creativo Vale Euro RSCG México's picture
Creativo Vale E...
11 pencils

Muy mal cielo!

pinkads's picture
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Visual translation of the line is called art direction.
Explaining the visual in words is copywriting.
Is that so???

it's all in the head!!!

Arpita's picture

The thought is really nice. I like the first one the best.
One could cut the copy down a little. kills the kick in it.
Also the thought is nice but i agree with the brain and mind difference thing. Besides brain looks grouse!
Conceptually nice but...

Guest's picture

the sky makes me sad - I dont want to be there.

And I'm really wondering who was the... brain behind this concept. Even something cliche like the whole image in a bubble would work better.

justinrwright's picture
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Semi-good idea. Execution is just... off.

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