Travel Counsellors: Mumbai

Advertising Agency: Y&R, South Africa
Chief Creative Director: graham lang
Executive Creative Director: Rui Alves
Copywriter: Nkanyezi Masango
Art Director: Ntobeko Ximba
Account Directors: Carolyn White, Jerome Styer
Designer: Cameron Billing

June 2012


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Jaap Grolleman
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The insight of arriving in Mumbai and directly knowing where to go is good - but why to a hospital and liver specialist and all that? And why is London on the map?

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i think they're trying to tell a different story. the service they're trying to promote is a direct flight to london.
so you don't have to go to dogdy places in mumbai during your stop-over anymore. a bit tricky,
but interesting concept. it's definitely not 'quick'

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Really nice way to tell an otherwise long story.

kylevuong's picture
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Not clear enough

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Hm. To me, this couldn't be clearer. Interesting how some ads are crystal clear to some, but vague and muddy to others.

The concept is this: When you take a chance with your travel, you take a chance with your destination. That's why you never take gamble with where you're going (this is starting to sound like a really terrible '50s ad) and always book through Travel Counsellors.

The executions: Each of these ads illustrates the misadventures of someone who didn't book through Travel Counsellors and thought they'd just wing it once they arrived at their destination. In this piece, the "main character" has arrived and immediately gone for some authentic, exotic Indian food -- and wound up getting sick from it. And in typical advertising hyperbole: behold the severity of it all!

This is really good work.

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I had a different takeaway. The selling point is DIRECT flights. The hyperbole is looking at what might happen if you have a connecting flight, decide to wander, and get totally distracted/lost in that other city.

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Good catch. That *does* explain why London is marked on the map. But they're fundamentally the same message -- book with us, or you'll wind up at some unintended destination.

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"land up"? seriously? you can't just make up words people.

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I really like this campaign. But the fact that there's so much confusion over the message means (I guess) it doesn't work.
Brook has it correct, it's all there in the copy too. Book a direct flight to London with us, or suffer the consequences.

The Strip club, boyfriend, boot of car, bottom of river one shows the consequences the clearest I guess.

Fun campaign.

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Excellent stuff, great thought to promote direct flights.
Would have put the logo and url in the bottom right out of the map frame though.

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