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Mr Hughes
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I'm bored to death of headlines in beer and wine labels. There must be better way to do 'life sucks have a pint'.

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urrr... so the message is:get drunk cauz life sucks? cauz it doesnt work like "instead of doing this, drink that"

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so what is the offending with transsexual?
please. respect.

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nothing wrong with it,unless you wanted a natural born woman to have sex with...

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what's the world coming to when transsexual prostitutes don't get the respect and dignity they deserve.

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I just loved this campaig. The art direction is great, as the copy.
In God I trust

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I like the idea, albiet not a new one - I am referring to the use of the label. The copy is a bit crude, however, in all honesty, pending where it is placed it might be effective. It will get a good laugh out of some and a grunt of disapproval from others.

I will admit it, I laughed, however, I did feel bad about laughing. ;) And honestly, a transexual would likely charge more because she/he is likely getting or paying off the work getting done so they need to dough. HA HA! (Trying to ad some humor, sorry)

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Hate to burst your bubble like this, but EVERYTHING you see here has been done too many times and copied by others and then re-copied by others and on and on...
The whole spoof on alcoholic bevarage labels has been around for AGES now, and the idea of "brutally honest" so and so or a brand that "tells it like it is" has been OVERLY done at this point in advertising creativity. The famous "Life is harsh. Your tequila shouldn't be." campaign from Cliff Freeman is at the pinnacle of this type of thinking.
I'm almost getting to a point where if I see another blown-up label on a page,(a la Tabasco ads)I automatically skip it without even thinking twice...

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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