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chintan ruparel
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good art, wonderfully crafted copy. amazing build up. but dude, th font gave me a tough time!
overall, very good stuff guys...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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agree 100%. great art

when will people learn to use readable fonts for such long copies?
(at least this is real handwriting and not one of these 'handwritten' fonts...)

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very cool!

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I must admit when i saw this as a thumbnail, I was worried how it would turn out to be. But as I began to read it, it really, really arrested me! Fine piece of copy and art. This one's my favourite of the three. However, there may be a typo in the tube ad. Can you spot it?
Love these totally. Crispin Porter, here they come!!!

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Excellent. Gives yet another lie to people who suggest that long copy is dead.

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Doubled in weigth.

Even spelled correctly I'm not sure what a package doubling in weight signifies. I know what they mean to say, but ... doubling weight?

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i love the copy, but the font give me a very hard time.

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Awesome.. I loved the story..seemed so innocent until....

Except for the fact that dudes... long copy with typos....


"Quiet" Fidgety

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i absolutely hate the illustrations on these...they look like crappy sketches that never got finished.

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Yes there are typos. There are also cultural mistakes, as in the previous ad: in England, you probably wouldn't refer to it as a "video store", for example.

For Christ's sake. It's a piece of student work from a book, no? It hasn't run. If it had, a sub and 3 other people would have copy checked it. Why do people struggle with just appreciating the idea?

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Its a piece of student work... Hence the importance of extra care...

A future copywriter that cant spell right... hmmm... what would you do, desailly?

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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Creepy. I may take a cab home today. VEry effective!

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*GREAT* copy. Well done.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I agree, great. But the more I read it, the more mistakes I find. There are 4 or 5 spelling errors and a grammar mistake. I realize it's only a student's piece, but nonetheless, put that in your book and show it to a creative director for a copywriting position, and you can kiss your chances goodbye.

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The quite/quiet mistake annoys me no end. But overall the tone is nice if unnecessarily long. Needs a good proofread and some tightening up and it would work that much better.

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Great copy I agree, but I think a 'happy' looking pic would have twisted it nicely.

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