Transperth: Bandits

Advertising Agency: Cooch Creative Perth, Australia
Creative Director: Ron Samuel
Art Director: Spencer Battista
Copywriter: Ron Samuel
Typographer: Spencer Battista
Retoucher: Dave, Procolor Singapore
Photographer: Alan Myles
Model Makers: Anifex Australia


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so cute!!

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Really nice campaign :)
Personally, I wouldn't have put Smartrider in all the headlines, but I suppose they had a client to answer to.

Great job, though.

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you are right.. nmaybe the client requested that addition... anyway its a nice campaign

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Actually, I think it's good to have it there. The pictures and copy are hilarious and if they weren't careful, people would remember the pictures but have no recollection of what the actual product was. By creatively adding the product name in the copy and title, you don't just remember pigs protesting or robbing a store, but you also remember the actual SmartRider card.

I dream of a day when chickens will be able to cross the road without being questioned regarding their intentions.

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