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I like the art direction, I'm just not sure of the idea yet.

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「中英快譯」 means quick translation between chinese and english, I think that's the idea.

I think "ALL (全)" is the best in the series.

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I want to have joeBK's children.

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why all the hate in this room?

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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I see what you did there! haha!

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Was JoeBK involved in this campaign? Why the harsh words? That being said, I think this campaign is effective, simple and tells me precisely what this product does.

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Exactly. I like the piece, but I don't think "So?" calls for an onslaught of broken insults.

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maybe he meant someone else in other forum..
i've seen some harsh insult around tho.. i totally agree with him

oh, and i LOVE this!


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Jet Lee
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Agree. The worst insult I've seen was 'I want to puke in the Art Director's mouth'. But why? Ok, the ad can be really bad but why have to insult so badly?
Great pieces btw, 'Horse' is my favourite.

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This is a totally oriental-culture based masterpiece. If the Cannes Lion is held in China, this would win at least a Gold Lion. But unfortunately, it would never be.

So, I do really appreciate this work. People who work in the occident would never imagine how fabulous this is, or how much inspiration and hard work it would take. Anyway, this should be something appreciated within our own culture...

That's all.

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Mao would love this.


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This IS fabulous, but I have to say this is th weakest of the series, since it looks like a korean character at first sight. I'd say "ALL" would be first on my list and "HORSE" would rank second. This is great work, I hope it at leasts wins something somewhere.

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Ron Jeremy
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Can someone explain the idea for us non-orientals please?

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The Chinese character is 'hate', literally. This ad uses English letters to make up the Chinese character, hence the quick translation.

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♥ get lost ad f...
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'English letters'?
You made my day.

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it's 恨 translated to english "Hate"
the execution here is not as good as "ALL" i think.

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JoeBK shut the fuck up....
let people comment, they have their right to comment what they want.
you only can just ignore it...

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and dont simply ask ppl to fuck ur mom...

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You people shouldn't take insults so personally. I think they spice up these yawn factor nine notice boards.

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i like the campaign.

two thumbs up brother.

nice ones.

"The impossible is an illusion"
-Pushkaraj Shirke

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Will Young
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good idea,but the execution should in many

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debu purkayastha
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whats happening here?

i "hate"....

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nice ideia. good Art direction

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Briliant idea.

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arthritic accou...
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Generic strat

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------------------------i'm separation lin

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Hate? Why not "Love"?

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Briliant! Good job, DDB Hong Kong!
BTW, I think it's not easy to understand for most Chinese.

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