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U can hunt safely even when U are very old,just because the Insurance? Is that what they want to say?

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Gilbert Berkam
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No, I think the man is blind. Not such a strong idea.

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in that case it would have worked better with dark glasses

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Even if the idea of blindness is not very original, the visual is quite funny. I think it's quite good.

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I'm gonna take a stab here and say that the dog is looking slightly worried. The man is obviously almost blind hence he's wearing bifocal glasses and therefore putting the dog in the line of fire, as it were.


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I dont really understand what they are communicating..if someone would explain to me please.

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Hahahaha! Awesome! Reminds me of Mr. Magoo meets Dick Cheney.

(to those who do not understand... it's hunting insurance. the hook is that the hunter is old and near sighted... very near sighted... like mr. magoo... or dick cheney...)

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MacGyver, help

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just write
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it's bad.. too bad...

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With those glasses please do something else.

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only the high degree glasses can make eyes look so big
i don`t think it a good idea

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I think the idea is great. These guys propose hunting insurance write? You better have it if you are hunter because such guys as on the print are also hunting too.

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