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nice gaijin
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Funny, but whose house looks like that?

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My. :-)

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Hehehe true.

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Almap BBDO won some awards years ago with similar concept.
and far better and smarter execution: one was for example 3 people on treadmill set in a row: first was a young lover running, than it was fat rich jealous husband with a gun, the third was his wife. the other was a robber on first treadmill, and than a cop behind him. I believe the claim was 'get in shape'.

this is where this idea came from.

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Belle DA mon Gillou.
Mais un DC suffisait pour vendre une annonce comme ca...

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Superb art direction, I 've seen the one kateter is talking about and it doesn't look as good as this one (but it's true they thought of it first).

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Just superb, I love it.
It has the whiff of an award about it, siplicity is always winner.


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Haha that's one cocky arrogant bastard.

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m í t i c o
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Esta idea ya se hizo varios años atrás


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I actually thought this was an ad for flooring, not exerbikes. If the photo had been cropped in a little tighter, perhaps, it might have worked better. But as someone else pointed out, who has a house like this? Wouldnt it be more intruiging -- given that *everyone* is riding the same exercise bike (I mean, if you want to make a point about this particular bike, why not put those in the pack on a completely different model?) -- to show them in a tighter, more confined space, with more of a true racing feel?

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Barbara Agatha G.
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Whose house looks like that? Y&R's art director's...

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