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If the jacket is for kids then these ads are great.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Well if you think about it, the kind of guy who would be interested in wearing an authentic WW2 Bomber Jacket is probably a big kid no?

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oh, no... these are so bad.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Landscapes made from clothes, didn't we see this idea twice in 2007.
I'm sure there was one for washing powder and another for jeans or similar.

Both were better thought out than these.
Althought the zip for a rail line is the best/most convincing of the three.
Pansit hit the nail on the head, if they are are for kids perfect.
They do look rather cartoon-ish.

If they're for adults they to be need more sophisticated.


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I think the art direction on these is superb, the first one I didn't even realise it was a jacket till I went back to it.

Good stuff, it must have been hard work.

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as an "old" man that like strategy war games, i really like this campaign!!
Dzsoi tell "military clothes fans usually have childish souls".
well, should not everybody have a child soul?

keep your soul young! said the 100 years old poet.

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Love the art direction, lines are pretty rough.

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Those planes weren't art directed well at all. In World War 2, those Corsairs were painted all blue, just like every single navy plane we had.

Still cool though.

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Damn! I wanted bullet holes!!!!

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Xtreme art direction.

There is an exception for these ads. These jackets are not for kids. Also these ads are not for who hasn't strong visiual perception.

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