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he crashed a cow? wonderbra girls are like cows?

aaaah!!! now I get it
this lady had her boobs so big that she couldn't put the belt so then she flyed from the window

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This is not a campaign, actually it looks like the alternate photo for the ad (the city is better). Anyway, the concept is there: Your attention is all over something else (the girl), now give some more three or four turns to the nut, because this looks like the very first idea.

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Boobs is so big it block the female driver's view? Totally tasteless scam ad!

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poor girl...

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This is the result when one person tries to do the work on 4! Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter, Illustrator....well, I bet he's the client as well. LOL

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1. school work.
2. now i know why china agencies need talents from malaysia & singapore.
3. they don't know what is team work. CD, AD, Copy?
4. wonderbra or scam.
5. rethink & redo.

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