Trader Classifieds Online: Fluoro Boat

The boat you want is now easier to find.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Michael Knox
Art Directors / Copywriters: Richard Lovell, Sharon Condy
Photographer (Fluoro Bike & Fluoro Forklift): Stuart Crossett
Photographer (Fluoro Boat): Ellen Dewar
Retoucher: Akane Utsunomiya
Published: February 2013


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

How (does this work)? And why would this convince me?

mr.x's picture
996 pencils

Okay idea, bad visual I say. You need 99 white boats and 1 orange boat (bird view) to make this interesting.

bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

agree with mr x - the visual is sorely weaker than the idea

kleenex's picture
37349 pencils

The idea is better than the execution.

janey's picture
21 pencils

I think the idea works very well. Maybe more boats would be better but the visual still communicates what they want to say.

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