TraçoD: Birthday of the newspaper

We leave the obvious
The confetti leaves paper
And the newspaper leaves you well informed
Congratulations “Folha do Mate” 38 years
Strategic design for your brand.

When each of the 7500 editions of the newspaper were opened, readers were surprised to find real confetti upon the announcement of TraçoD.

Advertising Agency: TraçoD, Venâncio Aires, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcel Coutinho
Art Director: Joana Heck
Copywriter: Jean Dettenborn
Photographer: Giovane Sebastiany
Published: October, 2010


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Great job!!

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Jaap Grolleman
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did the confetti pop out or something?

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No. He was an inserted between the paper. The viability of costs have not left us much choice in the placement of confetti inside the newspaper.

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no no no! this isn't AotW material

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We were doing the same thing with our home works when we were 8...

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Judging by your recent comments on other materials, we can see that you're a critic.
We accept the criticism and ask to see your stuff, Mr. God.

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Very cute :-)

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