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the huge bottle floating on the right is awkward.


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Activity Score 989

hey, cool campaign, nice one.
this saturated category needed a new approach.
but, this being aotw, someone will surely come up and say 'seen it'.
cool stuff.

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seen it.

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very clever. I like these...

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Activity Score 237

4/5 ..
nice idea guyz........


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Activity Score 34

not stupid at all

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Activity Score 176

this ones nice. other two are just plain ugly

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Salright. Would photography be a better route? Get rid of the big playing fields and create small ones. Give the audience something to figure out. The other two would work alot better. Not so sure about this one.

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focus group
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Done. For Goertz, a German shoe shop, in 2002 or 2003. Won ADC silver and some international awards...

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Done. Goertz/adidas, one of the most famous ads from Spriger and Jacoby. And it was even more clever, because the (tennis) court was only smaller on the side where the adidas logo was placed.

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there hasn't been an original idea since socrates, so everyone needs to get over the fact that ads will occasionally remind them of something else they've seen.

are they good, without being wholesale stolen, is the question we should be asking.

i find it impressive you noted a similarity between this and something else, but do you honestly think grey costa rica gave a squat about what springer/jacoby did a handful of years ago?

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Activity Score 989

haha....good call.

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I like the execution. It's a bit of an overpromise in my opinion, but good all the same. I'm sure I'm just being very literal today.

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Joseph Campbell
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The main problem I see with these ads is the tag line: Make it easier. Maybe it's a poor translation? Being an athlete myself (albeit a lazy and not very talented one), I wouldn't want any of my sports to be easier. Imagine if in golf, every time you swung the club you made it in the hole. What fun would that be? I think if you are talking to athletes, the last thing you want to do is take away the main reason people play sports: the challenge. If the line said something more along the lines of getting an advantage over your competition, or something like that, then it would work.

We'll reconvene at 10.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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Activity Score 3516

i took it for granted that the translation was the problem. i do agree with you on your point, if indeed it isn't a translation problem.

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The translation is pretty accurate, it actually says "Make it easy".

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That's not as good as the others. But I am still surprised with those guys from an unknown ad place.

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Visual thinking needs to be sharper.
Same start. Same finish. Short cut.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 588

this is ugly. it's a 'visual' ad, but most copy ads look better than this.

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Activity Score 186

maybe the execution can be better, but i like the idea... hehe

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Activity Score 703

the huge bottle floating on the right is awkward.