gonndo's picture
1096 pencils

It's kind of cool, actually.......

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

MindDrift's picture
1150 pencils

This is really cool.
Great sense of humour.

jorge21's picture
309 pencils

funny !

brain123's picture
830 pencils

I like it. It's cute.

KennyGhetzoff's picture
28 pencils

cool idea, looks cool...

it's that fusing of two worlds kinda of ad that I see so often..... toys'r'us toys fused
with classic movie... i like it, but doesn't really sell a benefit.

pratz's picture
49 pencils

Communicates the message effectively...however is Titanic considered a classic?

jacksonrabbit's picture
290 pencils

you should come to one of my family's reunions. it's the ONLY classic.

helen26's picture
2 pencils

hiks, you jump, i jump!

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

wow..this is just so cute!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

liar's picture
386 pencils

Forget the brand, it just makes me laugh.

Chris's picture
1987 pencils

id like to see the other excecutions of this if there are any.

Afronuts's picture
136 pencils

Hopefully everybody should have seen 'Titanic' b4 the Ad. Cuz if i never did, I would never get it.
good ad tho.

henduraa's picture

titanic is not classic enough.

Fleur0379's picture
32 pencils

i really like it. something fresh! titanic is a classic!!! who the hell hasn't seen titanic!!! or seen the clip with celine Dion. art direction is simple and the mix with toys and real water really works!


Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

I refuse to watch Titanic.

Doin' it for the points

Punker's picture
84 pencils

you should - it's surprisingly good...

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

....really? still not entirely convinced

Doin' it for the points

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

This is really poor. Titanic is not a classic. Also the toys used aren't the best.


Doin' it for the points

Tapper's picture
490 pencils

I don't believe in the characters as a couple really. Bad casting. Would have been much better with a bear and a really, dohey-eyed, fluffy sheep. Sorry ... am getting a bit ...

Strip. Strip. Strip.

Jennia's picture
10 pencils

it looks cute to me, i like it. well deliver message to attract kids!

Minimum's picture
1496 pencils

It looks like the bear is trying to push the bunny of the edge :P No I like it. it has a tendering cuteness about it which you cant resist. Toy love at its best

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

My biggest problem is that the ship looks nothing like the Titanic. If you're going to recreate a scene from Titanic with toys, stay true to the film you're recreating. This is obviously a pirate's ship.

Other than that, the cuteness factor works for me. Although, I agree with some of the people above that Titanic is not a classic. Perhaps someday. As well, making a ton of money doesn't make a movie a classic.

MindDrift's picture
1150 pencils

It doesn't have to be an exact replica of Titanic. Why a Pirate Ship? I think it's a toy you might actually be able to find at ToysRus, unlike a Titanic Ship. Boys like to play pirates, it's a popular toy. I am sure you won't find a Titanic ship at ToysRus. Tell me if you do :)

Apart from that, how will you try to convince me that the highest-grossing film of all time is not a classic? It's been 8 years now. I guess that's old enough. It's classic enough for kids and teenagers.

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

Unfortunately, neither of us can prove the other wrong, as this is very subjective. However, in my opinion,

being old and grossing a lot of money are not reasons to label a movie a classic. It might make it memorable for those reasons, but doesn't define it as a classic.

Let's think about why Titanic made so much money - because it was good? no. because of young girls who went to see it 12 times to see Leonardo Dicaprio over and over and over. Placing him in that role was almost a gimmick to pull in lots of money, and therefore, I would never label it a classic.

But that's just me, many people would argue that something that makes a lot of money must be good. However, I'm someone who disagrees with that logic. Two words: American Idol

copywriter.txt's picture
828 pencils

Nice. Very funny.
This deserves an series.

Corona Raymaker's picture
Corona Raymaker
549 pencils

I myself liked the Idea.
But then my 8 year old brother said: "This looks unreal!"
I had to laugh ^^
The foto montage is indeed very crappy...

Teejay's picture
4 pencils

i think u miss the point.
It doesnt matter if u think titanic is classic or not. toys r us sells titanic as a classic, and seeing as this is a real ad for a real brief the team is just doing what the client asked for.

kc_brock's picture
703 pencils

very good point.

i guarantee these ads nail the target. young mothers and kids.

i have seen these before somewhere. did they start as student ads for miami ad school or something?


Spanky's picture
4899 pencils

i think they were posted on here a couple months ago

Spanky's picture
4899 pencils

winnie the pooh's boning piglet on a boat. cool.

itch's picture
806 pencils

hmmm..creative campaign

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

blessingindisguise's picture

I laughed the minute I saw it, which made me pay more attention to what the ad was for. I think it's great that they used somewhat cheesy toys since they're recreating a pretty cheesy screen moment.

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