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'Paedophilia sucks' as does the copy.

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Nothing makes sense in this ad.

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Why would a pedophile use a condom?

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that's what i thought.
using condoms to symbolise sexual abuse of children seems just totally wrong to me.

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Tastless and crude. I don't like that the copy adresses the reader like they're the paedophile. Should be more like an awareness ad, not a scolding.

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my brain just exploded

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hah? what is this? .....
they described this ad in their own tag line. Pedophilia sucks

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Hmm, I think the concept here is cool. If you notice, the condoms turn into child's toy or things. This one are of colourful rings, and those subsequent ads is a suckle and a balloon. The copy tried to give a hint, 'let them play don't play with them (children is not a play things, certainly not a sex toy)

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I like it. It's subtle yet powerful. And it lets me know about the dangers of sexual abuse without hitting me over the head. I saw a campaign very similar done by Wieden and Kennedy the other week. Now we know where they got their inspiration... The color scheme suggests innocence and warmth, but the condoms suggest sometime type of sexual activity. I'll never commit pedophilia again.