Toyota Yaris RF: Big sound

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Rob McLennan
Art Director: Charles Foley
Copywriter: Mike Wilson
Illustrators: Charles Foley, Rob Frew
Published: April 2008


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Crisp One
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Cool idea, horrible execution.

Is that a Silverback?

Get Kong man and put him in the setting,
cuz the idea looks like: Escape Refugee Gorillas like toy cars.

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first i though it an ad for securising aspect of toyota cars and the kong is protectin' himself with these cars, then when i read"big sound" i though it's for sportivity of the engines, so the layout it's a little bit confused, the copy could be a little more in obviousness

krautland's picture
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kong looks like he's enjoying himself and the line talks about sound. so why then are there helicopters coming towards him? is this about sound or about shock absorbtion or safety or headaches or what? this ad is confusing and thus weak.

jazarah's picture
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no good at all, confusing

Jetstream's picture
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Sorry, but even king kong is lame...

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kinda reminds me of the vw polo ad that won d&ad a few years back. Cept that one made sense.

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I have seen king kong in Volkswagen ad ^^

simon.gross's picture
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This misses the mark by a mile. What are the choppers for? We know it's supposed to be King Kong, even if it looks like a gorilla fresh from a WWF shoot. The choppers are redundant and confusing. The idea's even worse.

creative 1: [scrunches up and throws brief at partner's head] What's this?
creative 2: [lifts head from desk. Squints] What? Oh. Yaris. Big new stereo.
creative 1: Hmmm. What's big...


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A so so idea that could have been saved by great art direction. Unfortunately the execution is worse than the idea. Maybe think about doing this as illustration, then you could get the effect you want for a minimal cost.

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