Toyota: Yaris Hatchback Sport Red

Yaris Hatchback Sport Red
The Toyota Yaris Hatchback Sport changes your driving forever.

Advertising Agency: Executive Center, Luanda, Angola
Creative Directors: António Páscoa, Cláudio Rafael
Art Director / Illustrator: Diogo Peixoto
Copywriter: Miguel Reis

August 2009


pabloaotw's picture
235 pencils

I don´t like so much the idea. Not very strong.
In the other hand, art direction is nice, but is not connected with the lines. Images are arbitrary.
And last, in a simple retouching level, there is an error on windows transparency. I can see things that are behind the car's roof, trough the glass.

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dont like the idea but nice art direction. Trihan

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jai hind
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great art-direction

jai hind
art director

everartz's picture
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not even close to an idea.. worst i've seen in a while

| Everartz |

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Spent so much time designing it they forgot to put an idea into it. Looks nice.

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What is the deal with the vectors in the background, a cityscape perhaps..

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