Toyota Rukus: Versatility

No room for boring.
Ditch what you know about small car space. Introducing Rukus by Toyota. Uncompromising looks, cavernous storage, and head and legroom that flies in the face of small car norms. With all this space you won’t have to leave anything behind, except boring. Create a Rukus, inside and out. Visit

Advertising Agency: Oddfellows, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Wayne Maloney
Art Director: George Bassiakos
Copywriter: George Organ
Photographer: Urs Buhlman
CGI & Post-Production: Rotor Studios
Group Account Director: Andrew Black
Senior Account Manager: Peter Tobin
Published: June, 2010


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David Pascal
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Please elaborate on your opinion. One word comments are boring! ;)

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Jaap Grolleman
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Can you elaborate your opinion about why people should elaborate their opinions? :)

Oh, and before people will ask me to elaborate my question about Ivan's opinion that people should elaborate their opinion, I'm just trying to look like a smartass.

About the ad:
It's sort of floating between it's intention and what the client likes to see. The message doesn't really come across. Guess they didn't have either the guts or the creativity to really push this concept because it could be something hell lot more.

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I certainly can. I want to read thoughts. For like/dislike rating we can use the stars. It's just a wish, not a must.

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Agree with you Ivan because the blood that had been sucked out to create something cannot be thrown out in one word if the logic is not put properly.
The criticism must has its mark too if any.
What i like of this ad is putting the point of expansion for small car holders ! Point of expansion means to thrive for it hard in terms of money they are earning and future scope.

But somehow it hurts them too.

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I quite like the idea. I can't recall seeing transparent cars used for automotive advertising before.

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Roger Keynes
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Is anyone else thinking 'Boxy, but good"?

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Transparent cars maybe 'new'. But the idea of showing other cars as regular using different devices has already been done a lot of times. And the headlines too...I am not sure whether they are very interesting. The Seen but not heard...seemed kind of forced!

Stil, as a regular ad that goes to the press, meeting all the client requirements..its really good.
As for the concept one of the best would be the one done for Merc. I dont have the link. The visual was illustration of a busy street except for the Merc. The line read: The rest is crowd.

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And i subscribe to with 'Ivan's wish' for elaborate as creatives we ought to know the blood sweat and tears that has gone into the making of an ad demands a 'why' when you say no. Otherwise we are not doing any good.

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Seriously??? you guys like these ads? your comments on other's comments just goes to show how inept you guys probably are. let's see all your books. otherwise, as the saying goes, those who can't, critique...

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